Rose Day 2020, Valentine's Week Rose Day Wishes 2020

Rose Day 2020, Valentine's Week Rose Day Wishes 2020

Rose Day is celebrated on 7th February every year. Celebrated among lovers with much zeal and enthusiasm, this is the day when people express their innermost love and feelings towards their beloved, crush or partners. If you want to express the romantic feelings of your heart to your beloved, then rose day is the right day to do so with a bunch of roses and lovely gifts.
Rose Day 2020
Rose Day 2020

Meaning & Significance of Various Colors of Roses:

Red Roses

Red is the color of love, romance, passion, zeal, and intensity. The secret message of this flower is “I Love You” – as simple as that. Red roses symbolize passionate affection. When someone wants to express the feelings of love for the first time, a red rose is generally gifted. Also to rekindle the romance, red roses are gifted. Red roses also stand for desire, passion, courage, and beauty.

Light Pink Roses

Light pink roses convey admiration and gentleness. As a gentle greeting on Rose Day for anyone, thus, you can pick up these light pink roses.

Yellow Roses

Yellow is the color that depicts warm feelings of friendship and optimism. In some parts of the world, it is also considered a symbol of joy, power, and wisdom. This radiant bright yellow rose is generally gifted to best friends or new friends. It is also given to depressed or sad souls who need to cheer up.

Dark Pink Roses

Dark pink roses stand for gratitude and appreciation. The bunch, bouquet, or arrangement of dark pink roses are given to thank people.

Rose Day Quotes & Messages

♥ Hoping to rise in Love & with a Rose, I wish you Happy Rose Day.

♥ Roses are timeless and so our love. Happy Rose Day.

♥ With you by my side I don't care for the thrones, Happy Rose Day. 

♥ When I look at Rose All I see 'You' my Love, Happy Rose Day Sweetheart.

♥ Rose is a lovely flower just like you are my love. Happy Rose Day.

♥ I started to love the Roses more after I met after you. Happy Rose Day My Love.

♥ Happy Rose Day Darling for I know now why people love Roses.

♥ The feeling in being love with you is like the fragrance of Roses that has filled my life. Happy Rose Day..

♥Time Spent on Roses is directly proportional to the importance you give to her!!

♥Giving red roses to your lover on the rose day not only exemplifies love but also the degree of respect you have for her. Happy rose day sweetheart!

♥ Red roses are nothing but the physical manifestation of the pure love that lovers have for each other. Happy rose day baby!

♥ One of the best ways to eradicate the distance between two lovers is by exchanging red roses with each other. Happy rose day!

♥ Roses are surely lovely gifts to give, but the loveliest gift is sharing the bond of friendship with the lover. Happiest rose day!

♥ Love can be expressed in a million ways. For me, the best way is sending you astounding rose along with heart-moving rose day quote!

♥ Somebody said it right “ God is smiling in the form of flowers fluttering on the earth.” Rose flower is surely the happiest expression of God!

♥ Hey baby, you are sweeter than any chocolate, cuter than any teddy bear, and beautiful than any red rose. Happiest rose day darling!

♥ This rose day, don’t hold yourself and express all the feelings you possess for the lover. Sometimes, it good to let it all go. Happy rose day!

♥ You entered into my life with a fragrance of joy, You are just like a beautiful rose. Happy Rose Day!

♥ Sending you this beautiful bouquet of red roses to express my love to you that is deep like an ocean and vast as a sky. Happy Rose Day!

♥ May your life be as beautiful and fragrant as a rose. Love you for everything. Happy Rose Day, Lovely!

♥ My life is empty without you, Just like a garden without roses. Be there always. Happy Rose Day!

♥ A rose is not just a flower, it is a symbol of pure love and affection. This Rose Day, may God fill your paths with vibrant roses without thorns. Happy Rose Day!

♥ You are a Rose of My Dream,
You are a Rose of My Heart,

You are a Rose of My Smile,

You are a Rose of My Life...


♥ Roses know the language of love,
What we cannot speak, roses say.

Take this rose as a gesture of my love, 

Wishing you a Happy Rose Day!

♥ This Rose Day, I pray to God that the thorns on your life's path be vanished and it is filled with the beautiful petals of love, blessings and friendship. Happy Rose Day, sweetheart!

♥ When I looked at the red roses and you, I found that you are the most beautiful creation of God. Happy Rose Day, my girlfriend!

♥ People are lucky who are blessed with true love in their life... I am one of them. Happy Rose Day, darling!

♥ No bird can dance like a peacock, no flower can be as beautiful as a rose, and no woman can be as pretty as my girlfriend. Happy rose day, baby!

♥ My heart beats faster, my eyes stop fluttering as soon as I see you. You are a prettiest creation of God. Happy Rose Day!

♥ Roses are red, skies are blue, Sugar is sweet, & so is you. Happy Rose Day dear!

Of all the attractive flowers on this planet, a rose is undoubtedly the most beautiful one. And, so are you, my girlfriend! Happy Rose Day!

♥ Thanks for sending me this beautiful bouquet of red roses darling. You are the most precious rose in my life. Happy rose day my boyfriend!

Dear boyfriend, My love for you is pure, resolute, and eternal. Happy Rose Day my man!

Rose Days will come and go, but my love, best wishes, kisses, and hugs will remain for you forever. Happy Rose Day baby!

♥ Just like a red rose spreads its charm in the room, your presence makes my life super-exciting. I wish you a Happy Rose Day, handsome!

♥ You are the most amazing thing that ever happened to me, my love. Roses can ever express my immense love for you. Happy Rose Day!

♥ My love for you is not short-lived, its perpetual and stays in my heart forever. I love you and Happy Rose Day!

♥ The way you handle me delicately makes me feel like a beautiful flower taken good care of. I will continue to bloom in your love and shade. Happy Rose Day 2020!

♥ Sending you this bunch of roses as an expression of my deep love for you. Happy to have you in my life... Happy Rose Day!

♥ It may take billions of people to create this world, but my life feels complete only with you. Happy Rose Day, honey!

♥ Hey beautiful wife, even though this bunch of red roses is pretty and fragrant, your beauty is incomparable. Happy Rose Day darling wife!

♥ Accept these vibrant roses as a gesture of my deep love and madness for you. The bright color of these red roses is expressive of my romantic feelings for you. I love, you, wifey. Happy Rose Day!

♥ You are a pretty rose blooming in the garden of my life. A big thank you for making it beautiful with your vivaciousness and warmth... Happy Rose Day, dear!

♥ Along with this bouquet of fresh roses and chocolates, I am sending you lots of love in this heartiest message. Happy Rose Day!

♥ Love can be expressed in many ways but I choose this red rose for my better half. Happy Rose Day, darling!

♥ You came into my life bringing happiness and fragrance of love. You are pretty as a rose, wife. Happy Rose Day!

Our love for each other is like a rose: ETERNAL & BEAUTIFUL... Happy Rose Day!

♥ 24 hrs make a beautiful day, 7 days make a beautiful week, 52 weeks make a beautiful year 
and having a person like you makes my life beautiful. Have an amazing Rose Day!

♥ You are the one whom my heart always looks out for, my mind always reminds me of, my destiny always wishes for, & I love the most. Have a wonderful Rose Day!

♥ On the pleasant occasion of Rose Day, I am sending this pretty rose to the most beautiful woman on this earth. Happy Rose Day, angel!

♥ Even thousands of roses are never sufficient to express my complete love for you. Wishing you a lovely Rose Day, my dearest wife!

♥ Red color of the roses not just signifies love and affection, but also illustrates hearty feelings of lovers for each other. Happy Rose Day, wife!

♥ As I am inexpressive (or shy) in conveying my feelings for you sweetheart, I am sending this huge bouquet of red roses to communicate my hearty emotions to you. Hop you like it. Happy Rose Day, Love!

♥ You are like a fresh and fragrant breeze in my life which filled it with happiness and satisfaction. Thanks for coming into my life and making it beautiful. Happy Rose Day, sweety!

You are the woman who changed my imperfections into perfections, just by your lovely touch. Happy Rose Day my dear wife!

♥ My permanent relationship status – taken forever by the most gorgeous woman in this world. Happy Rose Day, Hon'!
No poems and no imaginative words. I just wanted to say I LOVE YOU!! Happy Rose Day, Gorgeous!

♥ You are the only one that my heart wants, cherishes and loves the most. Happy Rose Day, hubby!

♥ "My husband is my best friend, my greatest support, my biggest comfort, my strongest motivation, my truest smile, my deepest love, my favorite, my forever. He has me. Entirely." Happy Rose Day, my forever love!

♥ I'm in love with you and all your little things and efforts. Sending you this beautiful rose on Rose Day, baby!

Happiness for me is your arms around me. Keep comforting and loving like this always. Let's have a spectacular Rose Day love!

♥ I'm blessed to have a husband like you who works hard for his family. Thank you, for everything you do for us! Happy Rose Day from me and children!

♥ You are my happy place, honey! Happy Rose day...

♥ Even after all these years, my love for you is still the same. Sending you this beautiful rose as an expression of my heart feelings for you my darling husband... Love you!

♥ Our marriage certificate must have contained a warning – Be Cautious of a Hot Husband. Happy Rose Day Love!

♥ No words can ever express my feelings for you. For me, you are my happiness, love, and everything. Happy Rose Day, smarty!

♥ "The most magical moments are those when you forget yourself in the joy of someone's presence." Happy Rose Day!

♥ "A rose is a symbol of my love for you. Its petals shine in beauty, its thorn show its pain." Happy Rose Day

♥ "Beauty and ugliness are the same aspects of a coin. You can never find beautiful roses without thrones in them." Happy Rose Day!

♥ "Two things can't be measured in this world: My love for you and the beauty of red roses." Happy Rose Day!

♥ "Red roses are nothing but the physical manifestation of the pure love that lovers have for each other." Happy Rose Day Love!

♥ "Rose day is the beginning of a new journey of two lovers who dare to walk on an unknown but exciting path." Happy Rose Day!

♥ "One of the best ways to eradicate the distance between two lovers is by exchanging red roses with each other." Happy Rose Day!

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